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a random shout-out

Lately, lots of folks have been asking me for a picture for this that or the other. I have a lot of low-res silly photos, but i don’t have many “good” photographs of me, let alone high-res ones. At Web2.0 2005, James Duncan Davidson took an amazing photo of me staring at my Sidekick. Somehow, i think it captures me quite well. So i begged him for it and i’ve been using it prolifically ever since. Anyhow, this photo keeps appearing all over the web associated with me and i feel guilty that he nevers gets any credit for that awesome shot. So i wanted to give him a shout-out. I’m not sure if he reads this blog so if you talk to him, tell him i say he rocks (go swarm love!).

heckle drive

I hate driving. Or rather, i hate when people are on *my* road. I spend a lot of time talking to them, even though they can’t hear me. I’ve always wanted a way to express what i’m really thinking. “Turn off your damn high beams.” “You should have your lights on.” “Do you need to tailgate?” Etc. According to Popgadget, there’s a perfect tool for my road rage: a href=””>Drive Mocion.

It’s kinda like a hecklebot for the road, no? Oooh… i want one!

(Tx Amy)

pick me! sxsw voting is open

If you are going to SXSW this year (which you should), voting for panels is now open. I’m telling you this in part for selfish reasons. I want you to pick me! More specifically, i want you to pick the panel that Andrea Forte is moderating entitled “Under 18: Blogs, Wikis, and Online Social Networks for Youth.” It’s near the bottom so make sure you read till the end. Andrea rocks and it’s her idea but it will involve my big mouth so if you love me, you’ll pick this, right?? ::wink::

aggregating the “best of” blog entries

I have put together a page of “best of” blog entries. Based on conversations with people and going back through what people saved in, i pulled out essays and entries from the last two years that people seemed to find particularly valuable. I will be editing this list (and recommendations are *very* welcome). In particular, i haven’t gone back through the Friendster posts yet (or anything so i’m sure there are other nuggets in there that people will be interested in. Right now, the best-of includes about 40 entries on everything from social networks to blogging to privacy to academia to Wikipedia. Some of those essays make me wince looking back but i still think that they’re valuable. Let me know what you think!


sex in the MRI

Pharyngula just wrote this blog entry about experiments done a few years back where couples (who all seemed to be amateur street acrobats) had sex in an MRI tube to help researchers understand how all of those parts fit together. The research is definitely fascinating, but the experimental method is utterly hysterical. Thank goodness for viagra, right?

“You are bidding on a mistake”

“You are bidding on a mistake” is the beginning of the description for the auction of these leather pants on eBay. The description goes on to explain how this man came to make the mistake of buying these pants (involves a girl) and why you should buy these pants (because you’re into Queen, a rock star, gay, a biker or a Frenchman). There’s nothing better to make you smile than to read someone’s creative approach to trying to sell their crap.

The question/answers are particularly hysterical (and offensive):

Q: I’m confused, is Donna Karan a rock star or a transvestite?
A: It’s a very fine line, really.