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I wish that I could regularly engage in conversations with everyone, but that’s simply not possible for me these days. So, first off, my apologies.


Press-related questions for me should be sent to press [at] danah [dot] org. You should include your deadline, your phone number, what hours you’re available, a description of the article you’re working on, and what questions you wish for me to address. I will do my best. If you are looking for other experts working in the algorithms/social media space, I recommend reaching out to press [at] datasociety [dot] net. There are many talented people at Data & Society.


I am unable to do any consulting or private advising because of my role at Microsoft Research, paid or unpaid. I’m sorry.


I am available for limited speaking engagements but my schedule is limited. Speaking inquiries should be sent to Leigh Bureau.


Much to my chagrin, I don’t have the spare cycles to help students with their research projects or term papers. If you’re looking for information on social network sites or Twitter, I keep a bibliography of others’ work here. You are also welcome to quote from my blog or my research whenever you’d like. Just cite it properly so that your teacher doesn’t think you’re plagiarizing. If you’re looking for advice on grad school, this might help.


Do not send me press releases or product announcements of things that you want me to blog about. I can guarantee you that I will not blog about them as a result. [See my Disclosure Statement.] I do not enjoy receiving spam from companies advertising their products.

Some Context:

I hate being unavailable to people. I generally overcommit myself, a habit that I’ve found difficult to break, but it means that I am getting more and more┬ábehind as the years go by. I am discouraging contact, not because I don’t want to engage, but because I’m finding it impossible to conduct research and balance other commitments these days and that is heartbreaking.

As much as this message is meant to discourage people from contacting me, I should note that there are situations in which I always welcome contact. I do my best to make room for actions that I think can change society for the better. This is why I respond to press, engage on policy topics, and am generally more available when I think that engaging could make a different in people’s lives. I may not have time for a long conversation, but I love interesting data or stories that people send me. I love receiving feedback on my work, especially if it’s critical. I love hearing from people working on topics related to my work.

So if you think that you still want to talk to me, my email is: zephoria [at] zephoria [dot] org. In general, feel free to write to me but please understand if I can’t respond or if I have to say no to your request. I do my best but time keeps slipping away.

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