aggregating the “best of” blog entries

I have put together a page of “best of” blog entries. Based on conversations with people and going back through what people saved in, i pulled out essays and entries from the last two years that people seemed to find particularly valuable. I will be editing this list (and recommendations are *very* welcome). In particular, i haven’t gone back through the Friendster posts yet (or anything so i’m sure there are other nuggets in there that people will be interested in. Right now, the best-of includes about 40 entries on everything from social networks to blogging to privacy to academia to Wikipedia. Some of those essays make me wince looking back but i still think that they’re valuable. Let me know what you think!


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4 thoughts on “aggregating the “best of” blog entries

  1. yardi

    Is there a correlation between number of comments generated by your best of blogs versus others? Obviously I’m assuming there is but I’m curious if you have stats on it.

  2. zephoria

    There’s a pretty good correllation between the number of or Technorati links and popularity but the top entries for comments are about fixing ipods, mutants, and post secret. I find that the better entries tend to get conversations started elsewhere, not here. This is probably because i’m bad at responding to comments.

  3. Bertil

    Why do you consider yourself bad at responding? I strongly disagree: of course mutants will get hundreds of comments–I mean, come on, what can be cooler than mutants? But you have an abnormally large tail of comments on academic-like posts: you should be proud to be able to trigger so many insights from your reader. Don’t try to beat mainstrem on quantity.

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