when lies get out of hand

I have no idea if this is for real, but it made me smile all the same.

(For those who need more info before clicking fun links – imagine what happens when your mom wants you to get married and you tell her you already are so that she’ll stop bugging you… and then she wants to meet your wife. The answer is obvious, right? Find a fake bride.)

(Tx Scott)

I need fake bride and all pleasure is yours – m4w – 27 (palo alto)
Reply to: xxx@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-03-28, 4:04PM PST

The thing is ….

I am 27 and came to US 4 years ago for my MS and then got job here and have never been back to my home country.

Now the problem is that my mom wants me to get marry and I do not want to get so early so I said her last month that I have already got married here , first she was shocked and now the problem is that she wants to meet my wife :-). I am the only son …

Now I have to get fake bride for me to present her.

Now here is the deal ….

I will get you return air ticket
I will get you two weeks 5 star hotel stay
All the gifts presented to you would be yours(I don’t care) They might be any thing from 3K-7K $ in form of cash , jewellery and clothes. (Depends on you , how good you could portray, if you are sweet then I am sure you would get more and more)

What I need from You

I am 5’8 so you must be around 5’2 to 5’6 (I dont want people back in country to laugh on me)
You must be under 27
You must be sweet, nice looking and neat
You must be respectful.
You should be able to keep secret of mine

What you have to do :

Visit me with my country for 7-14 days trip (dates are flexible, I would get your visa and would match yours date)
Do show that you are my wife. You do not have to sleep with me but in public treat me like your beloved husband.

I am very respectful and would give you all securities.

Just help me to get over this thing.

You would be getting two weeks free trip in luxury hotel , lots of gifts and my mom prayers.

My family is very welcoming, only thing is that I am the only son so they are eager to meet my wife.

If it sounds interesting then please email me at xxx@yahoo.com

Please tell some thing about you, what you do , wats your education , job status , your ethnic background …



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13 thoughts on “when lies get out of hand

  1. Lawrence Krubner

    I guess this truly shows we are in the digital age.

    I’m not sure. You look back at the folk stories of the 1700s, when arranged marriage was fading in Europe and you see a lot of stories that play with a similar theme – young people faking marriages so they can be the one they really want to be with, whom the parents don’t approve of. Even as early as Shakespeare there are riffs on young love that don’t end as tragically as Romeo and Juliet.

    The main thing that is new is the way the messages are communicated, but otherwise, the need to create an illusion of marriage, I think that is a very old theme.

  2. B

    Hmm. . . Not good. At all. I have no idea where MS is (Mexico?) and the illustration for cultural contrast is interesting. But this sounds like a comedy, however it can hardly end well. I understand playing the bride looks really fun (actually, I live next to so many jewellery shops that I used to play the fiance looking for a ring from time to time, when I don’t feel like book shopping; now too many friends work there)—but take a glance at the bottom line:
    – how would the fake bride look at the gifts she kept a year after?
    – how would the fake groom explain his actual wedding to his (I guess) very catholic (or whatever religion frowns upon divorce) mother? He can always lie and say the first one died, but how gross should he go? And if she is not as beautiful, nice and charming as the previous one?
    – what would the family think when the whole ploy unfolds?
    – what if a cousin back home is cute enought to catch the fake bride’s eye?
    – what if the mother insist on being there for they ‘actual’ wedding and plans a complementary ceremony, without warning her son, at that this ceremony hapens to be legally bounding?

    Sorry for being the no-fun guy—but romance is our business around here, and you don’t mess up with business.

  3. jason


    “MS” is for Master’s of Science- he came here *for* his MS, not *from* MS. Besides, you wouldn’t need a Visa for Mexico.

    I do wonder where he’s from- he is concerned about the applicant fake bride’s ethnicity, but he doesn’t mention his own or what country this five star resort will be in. The language usage, an MS in Palo Alto, and the dowry gifts are suggestive… too bad there will probably never be follow-up to this ad.

    God bless Craig’s List.

  4. Christina

    Well, he SOUNDS sincere enough, but I would certainly never take him up on his offer. Maybe I’m too paranoid, but I’d be afraid of the sort of possible situation he’s setting up if he’s luring or some other negative thing.

  5. Poo Poo Head

    Hello guys !!! I was the one who put that ad on Craigslist and was just doing google on “Need a Fake bride” and hit this site. I am laughing and laughing. This story is true and I am going to post its part 2 very soon. Till then you may catch my blog papeeta.blogspot.com

  6. Hexlein

    Interesting. I know 2 men who are after the same, it is in my mind a dangerous thing to get involved with for a woman, as even a ‘fake’ marriage requires to lead a ‘fake’ life indefinitely as it won’t be all done with 2 weeks’ pretending. The likelihood is that the person advertising this lives other lies as well, sad for him, and difficult to be involved with such a person, even if on the face of it is is just a ‘cold’ arrangment. But this is playing with people’s lives, hearts, feelings.

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