heckle drive

I hate driving. Or rather, i hate when people are on *my* road. I spend a lot of time talking to them, even though they can’t hear me. I’ve always wanted a way to express what i’m really thinking. “Turn off your damn high beams.” “You should have your lights on.” “Do you need to tailgate?” Etc. According to Popgadget, there’s a perfect tool for my road rage: a href=”http://www.au-my.com/english/Drivemocion.htm”>Drive Mocion.

It’s kinda like a hecklebot for the road, no? Oooh… i want one!

(Tx Amy)

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6 thoughts on “heckle drive

  1. Bertil

    Oh I want one too!
    I’ve always wanted to have a “If you can read this, you are way too close”–but this puts it the idea to another level. . .

    Too bad I don’t have a car!

  2. morganya

    Awesome! I’ve always been frustrated with how little you can communicate with others on the road. It may contribute to road rage since there are few encouragements for feeling empathetic toward other drivers. Cars are a very limited interface that way.

  3. Ed Schipul

    Brilliant. However – it needs a “I am thinking about turning in about a mile” option to help other drivers avoid frustration by changing lanes only to have the other driver brake.

  4. Clark Saturn

    I used to DREAM of having an electic sign in my car window. Only it was more along the lines of one of those 2 foot long red led lights you see in a bank window.

    I think this company “zipzapzop.lightattack.de” in Germany is doing some similar stuff, including wearable.

    thanks! (just found you through an ed tech web site via MIT)

  5. Matthew Skala

    I have an old copy of Popular Electronics from I think 1976 with an ad in it for a similar sign that was just two seven-segment digits – to display the CB channel number you were tuned into. I think my favourite part is the assumption that everyone would know that’s what the digits signified.

  6. buyer

    Becasue of this and my boardom at my work i just orderd 3 of them one for me and 2 for my friends for christmas! thank ya bunches!

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