sex in the MRI

Pharyngula just wrote this blog entry about experiments done a few years back where couples (who all seemed to be amateur street acrobats) had sex in an MRI tube to help researchers understand how all of those parts fit together. The research is definitely fascinating, but the experimental method is utterly hysterical. Thank goodness for viagra, right?

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5 thoughts on “sex in the MRI

  1. Stephanie

    There is no doubt something strange about how they got the couples to do it in a tube, but I guess some pople do not mind doing it anywhere for anything.

  2. Ben Metcalfe

    Science porn! Wow, there are going to be couple of “adult market” DVD’s created off the back of this. With cheap-o-set MRI Scanners too.

    “SCat Scan”? “SeX-Ray”? “Bearly Legal MRI’s IV”? “Horny Radiologists II”?

    Sorry, this wasn’t a particuarlly insightful comment

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