7 thoughts on “scrabble t-shirt

  1. zephoria

    Can i assume by “get it” you mean understand the cultural reference? (I assume you don’t mean get the limited edition t-shirt.)

    Of course, the depressing part is that while the actual probability of such a combination is ridiculously low the in-my-experience probability is much closer to 1. I saw that shirt and my brain started begging for e/i/o/u for the x or an o for the v+w.

    Ah, yes. Addict.

  2. Bob Aman

    I’ve got the shirt too, it’s one of my favorites. Though technically, I have basically all of the good Threadless shirts.

    I <3 Scrabble.

  3. Ben Gray

    Yes, by “get it” I do mean the cultural reference. 😀 However, I find that in my personal experience this particular letter combination isn’t 1, because I’m just as likely to get all vowels.

  4. zephoria

    Ah! You’re one of those! I think that the world is split between the people who end up with all vowels and the people who end up with all impossible letters. Of course, one way around this is one of my favorite house rules: AEIOU is a word.

    My other favorite house rule is iff 3+ of any one letter (usually ‘i’), 1 can be traded during your turn with no penalty.

  5. Ben Gray

    Heh, those are some nice rules! My wife will love those. She hates playing with me so maybe this will help motivate her to.

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