updated Ani lyrics page

For the Ani fans out there, i’ve updated the Ani DiFranco lyrics page. Three new unreleased songs are up. I’ve also added all of the lyrics to the latest album “Reprieve.” Sorry that this took me so long to do. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “updated Ani lyrics page

  1. aceofspades


    i just went to the lyrics page, and i noticed a few things that should to be corrected;

    1)all or nothing in the unreleased part is actually now titled unrequited and is on reprieve.

    2)decree is also out on reprieve.

    3)margins is now in the margins, and on reprieve.

    you have all these under reprieve too, you should just take it out of the unreleased part.

    thank you for the lyrics page- i love it!

  2. Mark

    I was wondering, is there some reason you link the buy links to Amazon versus to Righteous Babe? RBR is where I link whenever I discuss Ani; just seems right to me somehow.

  3. zephoria

    It started out because RBR didn’t actually have a way to purchase all of the albums from online (they were rather late to the digital game). I’ve left it that way because the small amount that i make selling those CDs helps me pay for the server and bandwidth costs of hosting the site. I didn’t want to put up overly annoyings ads to recoup some of the money but until recently, the cost of running that site has been quite a burden on me. That’s starting to change and i’ve been thinking of switching it over when i get a chance.

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