Research on Social Network Sites

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Research on Social Network Sites

Thank you!

I want to track down everyone who is actively doing research on social network sites. (Clarification: i’m looking for folks that are publishing in peer-reviewed spaces, not just researching for their company or blog.) Nicole Ellison and i are plotting to bring ways to bring everyone together. I’m also looking to create a list of all known publications. I know there’s more than what i’m listing so i need your help. Please!

Publications and Presentations

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  1. social networking

    That’s great that you are trying to get people together that are doing research on social networking sites. I would love to see this come together because i want to hear peoples are thoughts on the sites.

  2. Chris Claydon

    There is now a new application on facebook which allows you to create questionnaires, surveys, polls, votes and petitions, answer them and invite your friends to answer them. You can display your answers to a questionnaire on your profile so people can get to know you better. We just launched it a couple of days ago, the questionnaires are up and running, polls votes and petitions will arrive in the next couple of days. In a few weeks time we hope to add commercial surveys where users get paid via paypal to answer surveys, but currently its all completely free, and you can view everyones answers to your surveys! We are adding more features all the time – it will soon be very powerful indeed. We are also willing to consider adding any feture you require on request!

    Check it out:

    Best wishes,

  3. wczasy

    I want to know who these people are because all too often, academia is such that we don’t know who is also doing work on the precise site that we’re studying. While there are theoretical and methodological axes that bring the broader community together, sometimes, knowing who is looking at the detailed nuances of the same site as you is super valuable.

  4. G K Panda

    It is good to get such environment where we can share our view to promote social network. We are working in the field of social network with rough set. Glad to get a good timing with the enrolled society.

    G K Panda
    MITS, Bhubaneswar, India

  5. mani

    hi i m looking fr a simple introduction n basic knowledge providing source or a person who can give me d basic work n procedure knowledge fr introducing the free text messaging service on social networking websites. so i am looking forward to your help.

  6. jhon

    I’m generally interested in social dynamics, progression of and lapses in social proximity and ‘reality’ of experience in SN/MMORPGs/MMPG/VR (ie typical MUD vs. FaceBook vs. Battle.Net vs. Second Life), issues of privacy and commoditization of identity. Insofar as my thesis is concerned, I’ll be looking more closely about the notions of ‘solitude’ online – limitations of {interaction, construction of identity, privacy concerns, technology thanks.

  7. curtis lavender

    Currently, iam a graduate student at Spalding Univ. in louisville, KY and I am performing group research in Social networking sites for a research methods class for my professor. We began with a focus group study. The next stage is a large survey and report findings/results. The greatest dificulty has been for me the research methods to be used. quantitative vs. qualitative, quota sampling, etc.

  8. Kirsty

    First of all, danah your work has been an amazing source of inspiration and information for my research!! I am currently undertaking Honours in Behavioural Studies at Monash University in Australia, looking at teenage girls and their online identities, especially on MySpace, and how these identities are both presentations of the self (goffman) and also liquid (bauman). A smaller under-grad project I did on this topic can be found at

  9. regine bulatao

    I am conducting a research study on the effectiveness of social networking sites in tracing the graduates of our institution…Would you please give me some resources or some webpages that will help me in doing my review of related literature…
    I hope for your favorable response..
    Thank you..

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