Save Your Space

Save Your Space is a website created by a Southern California organization called “The Friends of MySpace” (not affiliated with News Corp). They have put together a petition against DOPA and they’re trying to collect signatures of people of all ages who are opposed to the legislation. If you are (and you damn well should be if you’re reading my ramblings), please take a moment to sign. And then pass it on.

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2 thoughts on “Save Your Space

  1. Marcia

    Thank you so much for your support of the rights of teens to express themselves freely digitally. As a young adult librarian, I see teens struggle daily with the restrcitions placed on them by parents, teachers and legislators. I have the unfortunate distinction of working for a library that has banned MySpace and other social sites and the teens who relied on the public library to access these sites are now disenfranchised. It is my hope that should DOPA die (as it should) in the Senate that we will be able to unblock those sites deemed ‘unsafe’ and welcome our teens back to the library.

  2. My Hot or Not

    Great post and thank you – I wasn’t aware of this petition but I have been following this legislation and am strongly against it. I agree with Marcia and believe teens should be taught about the dangers of the internet (hell, even beyond the internet). I myself have seen teens giving out *way* too much information on MySpace alone (ex: posting their home phone number to 300+ strangers).

    They’ve got my signature.

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