I’m back….

OMG do I love vacation. A chance to live a different lifestyle, explore the world, and refresh my brain. This year’s adventure began in Easter Island where we traversed the island looking at the amazing Moai statues and engaging in all sorts of discussions about the fraught/uncertain history of the Rapa Nui people.

Next, we headed back to the mainland of Chile and ventured down to Patagonia where we managed to do the famed W trek in Torres del Paine, finishing only hours before the park was shut down due to a fire started by a tourist. It kills me to think that most of the amazing trail we trekked is now burnt to a crisp.

After finishing the W, we ventured into Argentina, first to El Calafate where we got to listen to Parito Moreno crackling its amazing glacier sounds. And then we headed up to El Chalten in order to trek all around Fitz Roy where we miraculously got a brilliantly cloudless day for our trek to the base.

And then we headed up to Buenos Aires. Needless to say, lots more happened amidst all of those adventures, but I’ll leave you with one final fun image. This is of me wearing my Selk’Bag (a fabulous alternative to sleeping bags for those who can’t sleep like a mummy).

Anyhow, I’m back and will be back to work momentarily. I hope you had a fabulous holiday!!!

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5 thoughts on “I’m back….

  1. Hollie Mendenhall

    Darin is currently in Chile- although working at the Santiago airport is not as exciting as your trip. Glad you had fun!!!!

  2. zephoria Post author

    lale: Ayup. We just flew to Patagonia and wandered, taking buses and finding hostels. Lonely Planet is a lovely guide to interesting places.

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