I’m on Vacation!! (Until January 10)

Penguins and statues and glaciers oh my! I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of … OH MY GOD I AM ON VACATION!!!! Can you hear my enthusiasm? My complete and utter joy? Cuz I’m bouncing up and down here. For the next month I will be here:

And here:

Yes, that’s Easter Island and Patagonia. OMG OMG OMG.

During this period, I will be properly off the grid. No email, no internets, no nothing. More importantly, during this period, I will be taking an Email Sabbatical. What this means is that my INBOX will not be receiving any email. None. Zilch. All headed off to /dev/null for a cruel digital death. If you need to reach me, email me after January 10.

I know that asking for people’s patience on this one is hard, particularly for those of you who don’t know me and think that I’m a cruel evil diva for needing a break. But I’m a workaholic who works constantly during the year. In order to function, I need to take time off. And the only way to get a proper break is to vacation just as hard as I work. And this means saying goodbye to email and, more importantly, not letting myself anxiously worry about all that’s waiting for me when I return.

Vacations are precious. Life is precious. Have an amazing holiday season and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Photo Credits: Peter Albrecht and Stuck in Customs

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3 thoughts on “I’m on Vacation!! (Until January 10)

  1. Erin McJ

    Where are our manners? People who think it’s their right to contact you Right Now are the divas. Sheesh. I post this in solidarity, for the benefit of any passerby who needs some reinforcement about politeness; I hope by the time you come back you’ve forgotten about this post entirely.

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