I am Generation Flux

I love talking with smart journalists. When they’re good at what they do, journalists can really prompt me to think deeply (and differently) about issues. Nothing makes me happier than coming out of a discussion with a journalist with my brain on fire. My conversation with Bob Safian from Fast Company did precisely that. I left that chat high as a kite with all my synapses buzzing. The funny thing? I didn’t know why he was asking all of those interesting questions. Then, a few weeks later, I was asked to do a photoshoot. And that too ended up being way way way too much fun. Totally silly. The groomer even got me to wear heels for the first time in 15 years. (When I was 18, I wore heels as part of a beauty pageant – yes, I entered a beauty pageant on a dare – and I fell off the stage. I haven’t worn heels since.)

Anyhow, that fabulous conversation and playful photoshoot ended up turning into a cover story for Fast Company: “The Secrets of Generation Flux.” I can’t tell you how honored and humbled I am to be featured on the cover of Fast Company along with some folks who I greatly admire: Beth Comstock, Baratunde Thurston, Raina Kumra, Bob Greenberg, DJ Patil, and Pete Cashmore. Plus, it makes me smile so much to be surrounded by so many fearless, goofy folks doing their thing because they believe in what they do. And I can’t tell you how good it feels to be recognized for being a troublemaker after so many years of being told that my rabble rousing would produce no good.

I am a very lucky girl and I thank my lucky stars for letting me be as successful as I’ve been. Who would’ve thought that I’d end up seeing my face on the newsstands?? ::giggle::

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7 thoughts on “I am Generation Flux

  1. Valeria Maltoni

    What a fantastic way to start the year, Danah. I was part of that first movement and have been deeply involved in the ebb and flow of the first bust, industries consolidation, and the second tech wave. I have not known a non disruptive time.

  2. Dana

    Fascinating stuff! Yes, you are lucky, but also SMART.

    Like a couple of the commenters, I found myself becoming curious about two things: Impact of family/child rearing, and also where government fits into all this.

    Also more and more I think people are recoiling from information overload; I worry that people aren’t being taught what they need to know. We get an outdated digest, if you will.

    Thanks for the link, and congratulations!

  3. Pia

    Awesome! Great profile of you, and it’s interesting how they included Twitter feeds you recommended. How very “generation flux” to include some social networking right in the article.

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