stupid Scion

As you know, I bought an adorable little Scion back in November. I continue to feel kinda guilty about it, knowing that it was targeted directly at my demographic: young, pre-children, trendy, urban, etc. Today, I received an email from Scion asking me to fill out a survey about “various ‘Front-End’ styling directions.” I like design, I like my car, and I was curious. So I clicked the link. Up came a huge warning page saying the following:

Although we attempt to make our surveys compatible with as many web browsers and operating systems as possible, this survey currently requires functionality only available in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (on Windows 98 or higher). If you are using Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, another alternative browser, or an operating system other than Windows 98 or higher, you will not be able to continue with this particular survey.

::laugh:: Who’s the dumbass at Scion who thinks that the majority of young, urban, design-minded trendsetter types are using Internet Explorer let alone Windows? Seriously now. My suspicion is that the majority of their clientele are probably using “alternative” browsers and probably even “alternative” operating systems. Hello? I hate to bring you up to 2008, but Firefox and Mac aren’t exactly “alternative” anymore.

I wonder what kind of feedback they’ll get. Needless to say, I ain’t dragging out the old Windoze box from the closet to respond.

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17 thoughts on “stupid Scion

  1. pjm

    I’m too busy trying to reconcile the first part of the statement (“…we attempt to make our surveys compatible with as many web browsers and operating systems as possible…”) with the rest of it. It seems to read like, “We tried spell everything correctly, but nobody knew how to use a dikshunary.”

  2. Michael

    I was going to mention Linux as well but someone beat me to it. We already have some hipsters jumping on board, it’s called Ubuntu. Then they decide to actually start using their computer and go to Fedora

  3. Tim McCormack

    The oddest part is that a web app as basic as a survey should be compatible with everything, including Lynx and Netscape 4.

    It’s only when you get into scripting, complex page layouts, and visual-only media that browser compatibility matters in the slightest.

  4. Chris Blow

    Ha! They shoulda just used ethnio for their survey management! Free, cross-platform and incredibly pre-children-trendy-urban-etc. Full disclosure: I helped build it. 🙂

  5. Tyler Banfield

    Has anyone at Scion ever heard of a thing called analytics? I have a site that appeals to the general 12-20 y/o crowd and the “alternative browsers” have a 25% share. So, I would guess that the “alternative browser” share for a site that targets the Scion demographic would be over 60%.

  6. zephoria

    Readers of this blog may be humored to know that, of those of you who don’t read this through feeds, somewhere between 50-75% of you read this blog through “alternative” readers (even though only 15-25% of you are on “alternative” OSes).

    [I’d actually bet that teenagers are more likely to use IE/Windows than 20-somethings.]

  7. Sue W

    Perhaps they are only interested in the people that are less-informed enough to use IE/Windows. It would certainly skew their “survey”.

  8. Tex

    As an aside, Scions might be targeted to your demographic on the West Coast, but on the East Coast they’re targeted to working class urban minorities.

    My suspicion is that the company just has a really, really incompetent web designer.

  9. Hazel

    Words fail me — and that doesn’t often happen!
    Windows 98 for heaven’s sake — what planet are they living on?

  10. Bill Bart

    “Hello, Firefox and Sarari! They are so yesterday. Try Camino with your Mac and enjoy the speed.

    Arthur Radley

  11. Sarah Bluehouse

    I wonder if they are using platform limitations to skew survey results?

    Specifically in the areas of, oh, environmental concerns, and other “hip” causes, instead of aerodynamics and ability to put skis and golf-clubs somesuch in the trunk.

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