limited email March 16-25

I’m headed to Hong Kong with my partner for Eastover (what happens when Passover needs to be celebrated during Easter because that’s when people have vacation). I will be checking my email sporadically, but don’t expect much in the way of communication – In addition to family time, I’m also using this time to focus on some writing without the internet nearby. ::smoooch::

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5 thoughts on “limited email March 16-25

  1. moddar

    please help me i am in serious danger clinton and c.i.a threatened me my english isnot good enough my blog in arabic explain everything please save me my blog

  2. Jessieh

    I have added you to my links on my blog. I really think what you are doing is interesting and as a young woman I find you incredibly inspirational. I hope you recieve this.

    with care, jessieh

  3. Arthur

    Have a great time! If you need Internet, every Pacific Coffee Company has free internet access. Also you’ll probably find music that’s more to your liking at Drop, Volar, or 348.


  4. ripley

    Have a great trip!

    I will be interested to hear your (and the board’s) opinion of LiveJournal’s ending Basic (non-ad-driven) membership, and tomorrow’s Content Strike!

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