seeking early Friendster screenshots

When i started “studying” Friendster, i wasn’t studying it. I wasn’t in school and i had vowed never to go back. By the time i started back in school, i had stopped studying it. The result is that while i have amazing amounts of data, i was not very good at collecting all of the data that i would like to have. One of the things that i’m missing is screenshots from early days of the service, such as when there was a popularity contest on the front page. Does anyone have a collection of screenshots of various Fakesters, front pages, anything? I would be stoked if anyone could send me any material they have from 2003 – friendster [at]

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3 thoughts on “seeking early Friendster screenshots

  1. zephoria

    Sorry – i should clarify. I mean a subscriber’s homepage – what they actually saw when they signed in. Unfortunately, doesn’t keep what’s behind a password. 🙁

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