fucking bastards

I’m in Austin with no IDs, no cash, no credit cards, no phone, no Sidekick and missing a variety of other purse items. Why? Cause some fucking bastards (6 of em) decided to steal all of my stuff FROM MY PARTY. To torment me even more, they did shots with me before they left. ::grumble::grumble::grumble::

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24 thoughts on “fucking bastards

  1. V.

    I do hope you have consulted with local law enforcement as it seems you know who the theives are. If that proves unsatisfactory, I know a few bikers in Austin who, for the price of a small bag of Kodak chemistry based CNS stimulants, will remove their heads, most medievally.

  2. joe

    may they rot in hell… this brings back something a Berkeleyite told me recently:

    I had an Irish friend who said: There are only two things in life that you have to worry about: are you sick or are you well, if you’re well, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you’re sick, you’ve only got two things to worry about: are you going to get better or not. If you get better, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you don’t, you’ll die and then you’ve only got two things to worry about: are you in heaven or hell? If you’re in heaven, you’ve got nothing to worrry about. If you’re in hell, you’ll be shaking your friends hands so damn much that you won’t be able to worry about anything.

    So, the moral: you don’t ever have anything to worry about.

    We love you danah.

  3. Dan G

    Ok, there must be a plenty of people who were there taking photos. There were also probably a ton of bloggers. It seems to me that:

    1) We should set up a site to post photos from the party. Possibly a private sit that only lets a few people (ie danah) view the photos.

    2) A few prominent blogs that lots of SXSW people are reading (ie BoingBoing) should post how to upload those photos

    3) danah can ID the guilty parties

    4) We can plaster the Internet with their photos until we get names

    5) The police can visit them…

  4. zephoria

    Thanks everyone for the support.

    Police reports have been filed, but if i’ve learned anything from the past, it’s that i know nothing will come of it. 🙁

    Sadly, i don’t think that any pictures were taken that late into the evening. These six guys arrived rather late, towards the end. It was pretty obvious that they didn’t know anyone, that they weren’t really a part of the SXSW thing.

    These are the moments when you realize that your community is pretty homogeneous and you hate yourself for immediately knowing the culprits because they were the ones who didn’t fit. ::sigh::

  5. mary hodder

    danah, this is horrible. but, your im address keeps showing up as active on my aim thing. does that mean they are on your sidekick? if so, we could send them nasty messages (unless that’s you on your laptop and then we just send you love!). sorry to hear about this, but the silver lining is that you are with lots of friends, even if you are far from home, and they can help you get back, etc. i’m beaming you good luck right now. m

  6. Amy

    I am soooo sorry Danah. That really sucks. What bastards. If I weren’t all the way over here in Holland, I would come down there and help you out. We love you though and wish you the best of luck.

  7. kaat van ongeval

    uhm, well ok, hi,
    i’m kaat, born in 1988, Belgium. I’m not that good in English so please don’t mind my spelling, grammar and stuff..
    I just wanted to thank you, Danah, for making this beautiful website. I love it. Ok, i have to be honest i guess. When i start my computer i always open the ani difranco page. So i wanted to thank you for making that page. I just can’t believe you have put ALL her lyrics on this site.(i would be fad up with this work after ten of them 🙂 but i’m not a computerfanatic)And it’s so easy to find the right one on the right moment 🙂
    i really need her..correction..her lyrics..
    they help me through my day.
    xxxx kaat

  8. dawn

    hey there

    what a way to test your own ideas! im headed over to austin from la on wed. can i buy you a drink or coffee? would love to talk about all your ideas…they are fabulous!

  9. Scott Moore

    Fucking bastards is right! Huge sympathy from someone who has been there.

    If someone hasn’t helped with this advice, hopefully it will prevent salt being rubbed into the wound:

    It’s good that you filed a police report even if *they* do nothing. Keep a hold of the report number (in fact, file to get a copy of it when it’s all typed up). Three years after my ID was stolen, I had Verizon sending collection agents after me for a $3800 outstanding bill. It stopped when I was able to give them a police report.

    I’m assuming you’ve already reported the cards and are planning to put a fraud alert on your credit reports at the big three (tip: leave special instructions – “please call my home phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx to verify any accounts” – it stops instant credit applications).

    Best of luck. It’s a dirty shame.

  10. a preponderance of evidence

    Who are you?

    fade in “Who Are You…”, and CSI background pan Who is this guy? He lives in Austin, TX, so much is for sure. He and five of his buddies stole danah’s stuff, that we know, too. And he was dumb enough to do it at a party with hun…

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