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crazy radio stations

I swear that everytime i turn on the radio i hear Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” If you’ve managed to miss this song this summer, you’re living in a black hole cuz the song is catchy as hell. The problem with my feeling of being inundated is that there is no way to test this. Is it really being played that frequently? Or is it just that catchy? And then i found Yes.com which lists the Top 10 of different radio stations. Sure enough, “Crazy” is in the Top 10 of every radio station i listen to in SF and LA. Of course, it’s never #1 which makes me think that there are many songs that i don’t even recognize are being played all the time. I guess they’re not as catchy. But the best part about Yes.com is that the front page shows a visualization of songs as they come on the radio all around the country. It’s totally mesmerizing.