crazy radio stations

I swear that everytime i turn on the radio i hear Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” If you’ve managed to miss this song this summer, you’re living in a black hole cuz the song is catchy as hell. The problem with my feeling of being inundated is that there is no way to test this. Is it really being played that frequently? Or is it just that catchy? And then i found which lists the Top 10 of different radio stations. Sure enough, “Crazy” is in the Top 10 of every radio station i listen to in SF and LA. Of course, it’s never #1 which makes me think that there are many songs that i don’t even recognize are being played all the time. I guess they’re not as catchy. But the best part about is that the front page shows a visualization of songs as they come on the radio all around the country. It’s totally mesmerizing.

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10 thoughts on “crazy radio stations

  1. alpjor

    Crazy has also been in the iTunes Top 10 downloaded songs for a month and advertized as a ringtone from mobizio. It is the defacto song of summer 2006.

  2. josh

    It would be interesting to see a graph of radio airplay over time. “Crazy” was released at least eight months ago (or it showed up on mp3blogs late last year — is there a difference anymore?). I wonder if it’s peaked yet?

  3. amy.leblanc

    i heard it months ago online and totally fell in love, amazing remixes have been played at all my favorite parties this summer, and i’ve been listening to it on repeat in the car for days.

    the rest of the CD, however, is really not so good. i would think that by labor day, it shall pass.

  4. Donnie

    What is “crazy” is the video for this song. Have you seen it? With all of the inkblots transforming into faces and demons and such? Saw part of it yesterday on some Canadian cable music channel. Fantastic!!!

  5. John Steven

    I must be in the black hole, but understandably since I only listen to streaming internet music or downloaded albums anymore. The only thing I use the radio for is NPR.

  6. Steven

    Over here in the UK Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy was No1 in the charts one week before it was officially sold in the shops, based purely on internet downloads. Which was umm well crazy. Then something like 3 or 4 days after it had offically come out, Ray Lamontagne made a cover version of it.
    I have to admit to liking the original version but I think his acoustic version is even better.

  7. Ryan

    We were in Italy the second half of June, and it was on every station, in every store, in every car, from Rome to Taormina.

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