Education.AU = me + Australia

For the Aussies out there, I will be making my first trip to Australia in August. I will be offering two seminars as part of’s series. On August 6, I will be in Brisbane and on August 8, I will be in Melbourne. At each seminar, I will be lecturing for at least an hour, answering questions for a while after that, and participating in a panel with youth. There will also be workshops and other activities where I will help those present think through how to leverage what’s going on in relation to education, policy, technology, parenting, and social work. They should be pretty in-depth days and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to dive deep on issues related to youth and technology with a group of interested folks.

My understanding is that there is still space available if any of y’all are interested. You just need to register here. I should note that this is not a free event (getting me to Australia isn’t exactly cheap), but I think that it will be worth it. Deep dives on these issues usually are. So come! Bring questions! Let’s explore these topics together!

(My advance apologies to those in Australia who aren’t attending these events. My time is pretty heavily scheduled and so I won’t be able to meet up. Press is being handled by the folks at – feel free to contact them.)

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8 thoughts on “Education.AU = me + Australia

  1. Hadyn

    Will your presentation be available for download somewhere? Or better yet some kind of video?

    I think this will fit in well with my work at the Ministry of Education in New Zealand (caught your talk when you were here for the Great Blend btw)

  2. zephoria

    Hadyn – it is up to If they choose to make the material available, it will be, but I will not be recording the sessions personally.

  3. James

    danah, I hope you have a awesome trip to my homeland. Make sure those people in Melbourne treat you right 🙂 Travel safe!

  4. Hadyn

    Cheers. Looks like it’s time for some trans-tasman “handshaking”.

    Have a nice trip (Remember Brisbane=warm, Melbourne=wet)

  5. danny

    Be sure to get someone to brief you on our (AU) emerging Election 2.0 phenomenon, that’s if you’re interested in social networking technologies interfacing and influencing mainstream social processes.
    One candidate has found 2.0 to be a runaway success ( ~10,000 friends in 2 weeks since launch, one degree of separation from 1 million ) cf. the other lot’s 500. Why wouldn’t he press his 2.0 advantage, make it a major campaign tool?
    Just a stroll from Brisbane Convention Centre is West End, insist your handlers take you there, Swiss Deli is my rec. re: food to live for.

  6. Jenny Campbell

    I just read about you in The Age, a Melbourne newspaper. I think your work sounds very important and exciting. Unfortunately I can’t get to your seminar but welcome to my home town, Melbourne and I hope to hear more in the newspapers.
    I must trawl happily through your blog now.

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