First, it lost all of its SMSes. Then it started shutting off on its own mid-IM (requiring being plugged in to turn back on). Then it started flickering, changing all sorts of colors and making all sorts of 1950s-TV style line static. And then it crashed completely, leaving behind those crazy colors on its screen (even when off).

I’m going through severe withdrawal. Anyone who knows me knows that i start twitching without that toy in hand.

When is the Sidekick III gonna be released? Eeeek. Must replace toy. Can’t handle withdrawal. Must replace toy…. Thank goodness for a particular gadgety gal who is kindly going to lend me her II until it comes out. Cuz seriously, toy death is way way way too sad.

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5 thoughts on “::wimper::

  1. Kevin

    Now now, why is it that people always mistreat their Sidekicks? I’ve had mine for years, since the very first b/w version to the current one and never had I had problems with it. Like you, I cannot live without it, not even a Treo or a Blackberry can replace it’s simplicity for getting the job done. If you’ve been a good t-mobile user, you can always call them up and ask them for a replacement. Good luck! 🙂

  2. renaissance chambara


    Have your sidekick checked out by an independent phone shop if its out of warranty. The kind of failure you mentioned sounds like a dodgy connection or two.

    For what its worth, I’ve felt your pain. I hate it when I have to ‘upgrade’ to a smarter yet more retarded Palm to keep my 4000 strong address book and chequerboard calendar.

  3. WebMachiavelli

    I’ve had the B/W, Color and the SK2 and can not really imagine my life without it now. However recently I’ve had several problems with the SK2. I’m even hvaing issue right now. I’m about to visit my fix it guy to see what he can do about it. I can only hope this replacement isn’t about to die.

  4. xian

    danah, this may be your Higher Power gently hinting to you to engage with your immediate physical surroundings… :^)

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