tonite on O’Reilly Factor

I just finished taping a segment for tonight’s O’Reilly Factor talking about MySpace. I am actually surprised at how calm the conversation was. Relatively controversy free. Of course, it’s still about the scary side, but i think it came out OK. O’Reilly even introduced the town square metaphor for me, helping me explain that teens are doing what they’ve always done in public spaces.

Anyhow, if anyone watches it, tell me how it came out since i won’t get a chance to see it live.


I still haven’t seen the show, but some folks took pictures and put them up on Flickr which lets me at least see what i looked like (cuz i didn’t get to see anything during filming). Apparently i’m a cultural anthropologist! I don’t quite know how i got that label, but it is indeed an ist! Anyhow, i’m really rather humored by all of this. My mother, brother, aunt and grandparents are equally humored. I managed to survive one of the most conservative and controversial TV figures unscathed. Who would’ve guessed?

Update 2: I just put a copy of my segment up on You Tube. Enjoy!

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53 thoughts on “tonite on O’Reilly Factor

  1. gordsellar

    Woah, you did an excellent job. It was painful to see this ignorant fellow trying to push such a stupid agenda; you sidestepped all the pushing and said sensible things. Well done.

  2. Sterling Holobyte

    I don’t know what clip all you people were watching who were bashing O’Reilly. He wasn’t going after her, and he usually doesn’t, as long as people are truthful and don’t “bloviate”.
    Seems you just have an axe to grind.

  3. sean percival

    Good interview

    I am also shocked how easy going O’reilly was. This topic is something he would normally huff and puff about.

    Perhaps he doubled up his meds for the day?

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