help me restore my Flickr data

Unfortunately, last week, an error occurred over at Flickr resulting in the destruction of my Flickr account. (Don’t worry – this won’t happen to you!) Although the team did everything they could, they were unable to retrieve recent contacts, groups, favorites, tags, messages…

I need your help in getting data back, particularly in terms of contacts… If i used to be your friend/contact, can you take a look at your account and re-add me? If you sent me a message via Flickr, can you send it again? If you had a photo that i favorited and you remember, could you remind me? If i was in a group with you, can you let me know?

The Flickr team is working hard to make sure data boo-boos never happen again, but you may want to know that you can order DVD backups of all of your photos in case you tend not to have second copies of those photos.

I’m so sorry for the hassle…

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11 thoughts on “help me restore my Flickr data

  1. Ken

    Heh. Two weeks ago, while attempting to increase storage space on our email server, the techs wiped *everything* out.

    We were without any email for 5 days, and they tell us we’ll likely lose a month’s worth of email anyway. Supposedly, we won’t find out for another week or two.

    I’d been using my email to store job contact info and application deadlines. Lesson learned.

  2. Nancy

    ?? Has this been fixed? Just checked my Flickr account and you’re still shown as a friend, and you have 228 photos, the last one posted Dec 13.

  3. zephoria

    No – there is no fix. All of my photos are there. All of my friends who i connected with prior to March 2005 are there. None of my groups are. Fractions of my tags/favorites are (the ones prior to March 2005). It’s a weird mix of things.

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