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I can’t remember who told me about PostSecret but it’s become one of my favorite blogs. Each entry consists of a postcard that someone sent the curator to post. They are beautiful postcards with intriguing confessions.

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  1. syg.

    I fell hard for him, and I fell fast. We went out for seven and a half months. One year later and I still have feelings for him, the only guy who’s made me feel as amazing as I did when I was with him. I’m scared that I’ll never be able to love anyone else like I loved him.. ever. I’m scared that when/if I get married I’ll want my ex-boyfriend more than my husband. I knew I shouldn’t have fallen in love at fourteen.

  2. carolyn

    when i had a huge fight with you and you didn’t call for a month.
    i felt free and happy.
    sorry. but you suck as a father.

  3. S

    I love my best friend, she is the most beautiful, most wonderful, loving girl i’ve ever known.
    She doesn’t realise when i say i love her how much i truly mean it.
    I wish she would say it to me and mean it as i do.
    But she loves her boyfriend and i doubt she would ever see me that way, no one knows i’m gay.

  4. Kerry

    I am a feminist,
    And I wear loose clothes
    So people won’t know I actually have a great body.
    The people that know?
    I’ve seen them all look at my boobs.
    And it makes me feel sexy.

  5. Kerry

    I read some posts at the top,
    And then skipped down to the bottom to write my comment.
    Now, I’ve read a few more,
    And even though I’ve never met them,
    I’ve already got a tiny schoolgirl crush
    Just because
    They Feel.

    I don’t mind if it’s a man or woman, because I’m a bi and no one knows.

    Thanks for existing, just_until_december.


  6. Angel

    He calls me his Angel.
    He says he thinks of me when he sits at sunrise.
    I think of him at Sunset.
    He can’t sleep, because he has nightmares.
    Me too.
    He told me he has IED, and I told him I had BDP.
    He broke his Dad’s arm through IED, and my parents almost broke mine.
    He thinks he’s a monster, and I know better.
    I think I’m a monster, and he tells me different.

    He tells me I’m attractive.
    We talk all the time.
    He knows everything important, and he stills wants to know more.

    I think this a trick.
    I also can’t tell if we’re friends..
    Or if I’m in love with him.
    If you read this, Heartbeat..

    And I agree with Kerry. Just_until_december sounds amazing.

    and I’m sorry no one on here said Happy Birthday this year.

    I hope it was better in real life.

  7. perfectlife

    I am 19 years old, I have gotten everything I ever wanted. Everything.
    I know I’m beautiful and smart, yet I am so scared that I will never find true love, or someone that loves me as much as I love them.
    To think I’ll be alone, or settle for someone less than I deserve makes me want to die.

    Is anyone else as scared as I am?

  8. Re: Perfectlife

    Just breathe, and remember this quote, it’s helped me through hard times:

    “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, It’s not the end.”

    You’ll find your soulmate someday. Just wait. They’ll come when you least expect it.f

  9. Kay Dee

    I can’t sleep at night because the nightmares get so bad.
    I wish I was never raped, so I could get a good night’s sleep.
    Also, my rapists paid their friend to molest my brother, he was 8!!
    I blame myself because I knew about it and didn’t say a word, or they would’ve killed me.
    I should’ve taken that chance.

  10. Just_until_december


    I lost myself for awhile. Lost myself from here. You guys mean the world to me. This was always one of my main priorities. To make sure everyone on here was okay, would be okay, so they didn’t feel alone.

    Perfect- there is always someone to love you. Do not sell yourself short. I forbid that you do.

    Angel- Its evident that he cares about you. Don’t ever take that for granted. Love is a gift as cliche as that sounds. Talk to him, let him know you fully. No walls. And thank you for the birthday wish.

    And Kerry- I would like to hear from you, I want a conversation. 🙂

    also if anyone wants to talk, I’m here and at that address and I am willing to listen.

    Anytime, day or night. I’m always here.

  11. Just_until_december

    Alrighty guys, and this means ALL of you even the ones who don’t post.

    I noticed that its getting a bit full in here and the site moves slowly, doesn’t scroll well, and its stretched beyond the screen, so you have to scroll sideways too. So heres what I did, I created us a place. A place for us, to do exactly what we do here, if not more (liek talk and stuff)You can even post anonymously if you want. I hope to see you there. 🙂

    the url is:

  12. Just_until_december

    I am sick and tired of waiting. I’m sorry that I am not good enough for you. I’m sorry that you still love me. But I don’t know how much longer I can wait for you to “decide” whether or not you want to be with me.

  13. Dot

    Im in love with my best friend. In 8th grade we hooked up. He didn’t enjoy it. He turned out to be straight. sometimes it makes me want to die when he tells me about his girlfriends. i would kill to just get one kiss from him that actually had feelings behind it. my boyfriend doesnt know any of this.

  14. person

    I loved him for a year. we broke up and moved on. he said he didn’t want to talk to me at this point in his life. I think about him everynight and cry. I love you still

  15. Hag

    I’m completely in love with my best friend. He’s also my ex-boyfriend. We dated for quite a while before he broke up with me. He’s gay. I fight myself everyday to not do something that would sabotage our friendship that we’ve both worked so long to keep. He calls me Grace, like the character from Will & Grace, and I call him Will. But, that’s not what I want. I want my boyfriend back. Furthermore, he still acts like we’re dating… and I need that, but it kills me. I can’t imagine my life anymore without his little touches and stuff, but it still kills me that it’ll never develop any more. It is to the point that my heart literally aches to think about him. I can’t stop it, no matter how hard I try. I just want to not have this issue anymore. I want him back…
    And, I’m not exactly attractive, I’ll admit it, so I have never had anyone besides him. And, now, I’ afraid that even if someone finds me attractive, or wants to be with me for any reason, they’ll be scared to get hurt themselves because of the way I feel about him. Only 4 of my friends know how I feel about him, still. I’ve been lying to myself and everyone else for a year. On November 1st, it’ll be a year since he came out. I’ve been telling everyone else that I’m fine with everything, that I don’t still have feelings for him, that I have feelings for someone else, I’ve even convinced a bunch of my friends. I don’t know what they would say if they found out that I still feel this way. I don’t think I could deal with it. And, I used to cut. I’ve recovered from anorexia and ulemia. All because of him. He saved me. I constantly think about doing it again, but I’m afraid that nobody could save me this time. And, I know he would try forever, but… I just know it wouldn’t work. I don’t want to live like this anymore. It physically hurts.

  16. broken

    i was raped by a guy that raped 4 of my other freinds and i gonna marry one of my friends and i dont know what to do cause i had to go to therapy and everything but i can never trust again cause no one belived me so i dont think i can ever love again and i just hope that i get into a car accident

  17. justuntildecember


    You’re trusting right now. Just for having the courage to post that, you put faith into something and trusted it wouldn’t turn around and bite you in the ass.

    I hope you don’t get into a car accident. That would be a very sad loss to the world.

  18. justuntildecember


    You’re trusting right now. Just for having the courage to post that, you put faith into something and trusted it wouldn’t turn around and bite you in the ass.

    I hope you don’t get into a car accident. That would be a very sad loss to the world.

  19. I Want Him Back

    I fell in love with a man who had a child with his ex wife.
    He didn’t have a good enough job to support the three of us,
    so he joined the Army. I tell myself I was nothing but faithful.

    He later forgot about me when his ex wife had feelings for him again.
    Little does he know, her and I slept together the whole time he was in bootcamp.
    Sometimes we still fool around.
    I do it not because I’m attracted to woman,
    but because every time I see her, it makes me think a part of him is there with me, and not her.

    I miss him more than anything.
    I miss us.

  20. I Want Him Back

    The day after I confessed to the internet in multiple places, I called him up. I poured my heart out and I told him what had been happening. He asked me why, I replied “Because every time I see her, it makes me think a part of you is there with me.”

    He began to cry, and apologized for everything. We met up at a local coffee shop and reminisced in pictures and memories. Ever since, we haven’t spent a day apart. As for his wife? She found my message on this exact website. Today I received a phone call from her. She too apologized and said she had no feelings for him and my love would suit his needs better. Her and I are still good friends.

    I want to thank you, the owner of this site, for letting me let loose. And I want to thank those who read this. I would have never had the courage otherwise to face my fear of rejection. I couldn’t be any more happier.

  21. Olivia

    I found this on accident. I used to post here in 2006 when I was sad and silly and lonely. I remember how nice it was to have that connection with people, as I was very active on this site. Its odd, but I wonder if anyone is still left who remembers me from when I used to post? So long ago.


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