16 hours

16 hours…. grading finals took 16 hours solid without breaks. As i imagined, some of it was utterly inspiring. One student created a question that showed how new media could be used to deconstruct new media (and its professors and GSIs). It totally took us to task and we loved it. Others showed new ways of combining work in this field that i had never considered. Of course, there were a few problems that broke my heart.

One thing that surprised me was how much pass/fail affects both group dynamics and students’ attitudes. I took most of my classes pass/fail at Brown since i actively despise grades. Yet, it never affected my participation in a classroom. I never expected that i would simply pass by existing. I could never imagine screwing over a group of other students. Of course, i suspect that i got mostly As in P/F classes. I still worked my ass off. Much to my chagrin, i don’t think that attitude is shared. My co-teacher (who only had P/F at his undergrad) and i were stunned at our anti-P/F attitude following this process. Both of us valued it immensely but it really wrecked a few things in our class.

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4 thoughts on “16 hours

  1. Aliana

    i have alot of secrets

    1.i compare my self to everyone and i cry because i try to be better then everyone else

    2.i dont know how to tell my boyfriend i love him but im not in love with him

    3.sometimes i wish i was never born

  2. Isabella

    i hate the way your so passive about everything,it makes me want to be aggresive to compensate for your passiveness.Why do you ignore me,when all i do is spend every waking minute thinking about you.You used to feel the same,what changed????????????? I like you so much,how can you not see it in every look i give you, in every word i say………..what did i do wrong? You liked me, just not enough to make you love me or think i was worht taking time for……………do you despise me as much as i now desoise myself?????????every one thinks i’m strong and over you,when did i get to be this good a liar?

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