technical updates

Yes, it’s finals time. This means that i’ve done some sorting of my data resulting in new colors on this here blog. Also, i added categories although most of my entries don’t have categories in them which is a bit of a problem. One day…

The main reason i did all of this is because of my alterity blog where i’m attempting to record some of the readings i do (although am reading faster than recording).

Also, in an effort to solve my increasingly problematic spam problem, Jay Allen installed a pseudo-captcha. Basically, at the bottom of my posts, it’s going to ask you to answer a question that is obviously answerable. This should also work for visually impaired folks. If you have any problems with this, let me know!

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8 thoughts on “technical updates

  1. Mel

    Looks great! Not as rock and roll (i.e., black backgrounds with flourescent accents) or mysterious (i.e., not having categories) but still fun. Easy on the eyes and more user-friendly in terms of being able to find specific content 🙂

  2. Irina

    darn… my browser does something weird so sometimes i don’t see the question… i think i skipped that yesterday… hmm… oh well, it was a long and rambly comment

  3. zephoria

    🙁 I’m sorry girl. Yeah – i had to put this in because the spam got so bad. I made it pink and more obvious though – does that help?

  4. joe

    This is just a test, babe…

    (Do you just change the question when bots learn the answer? I’m really glad you’ve gone with a captcha that will work for non-sighted readers… do you know of any specifically that read your blog? I’m sort-of wondering about disabled bloggers/blog-readers in general.)

  5. zephoria

    Joe – that’s my plan. I actually know very little about my readers so i’m not sure if any have disabilities. That said, i want my blog to not be inaccessible for technical reasons.

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