summer conferences/talks

I will (most likely) be speaking at four different events this summer, some of which may be relevant to folks:

Supernova – June 24-25, Santa Clara (CA, USA)

CMU Alumni Panel: “The New Phenomenon of Social Networks: Social, Commercial, and Political/Civic Implications” – July 22, Mountain View (CA, USA)

BlogOn: The Business of Social Media – July 23, Berkeley (CA, USA)

American Sociological Association – August 14-17, San Francisco (CA, USA)

[Note that staying in California thing!]

If you do the business thang and want to hear me discuss what’s relevant, Supernova is probably best. If you want to hear the academic side, ASA. If you want to hear me discuss with other thinkers, BlogOn. If you want to hear me discuss with business folks, CMU Alumni Event. If i drive you nuts, why are you still reading?

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4 thoughts on “summer conferences/talks

  1. lago

    I’m curious: what is a refereed roundtable (ASA)? Is there an audience, or is it literally a roundtable?

  2. zephoria

    A refereed roundtable is where you present a paper to a small roundtable for discussion/critique. There is an audience, but it is very intimate.

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