strange representation of me

Apparently, i was in the SF Chronicle last week. Sadly, i missed this fact, being offline and all. (Does anyone have a copy??)

I think that there’s something very karmic about how i attend conferences, meet interesting people and end up saying silly things in the press right before finals every semester… when i’m unable to respond to any of the email.

Anyhow, what a silly looking picture of me. What on earth is happening to my lips? Ah, fuzz…

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12 thoughts on “strange representation of me

  1. Steve

    How does the photo process go for these interviews? Do you give them a photo or do they have a shoot. Do they ask you to pose in a certain position or what? Inquiring minds want to know

  2. zephoria

    They come to me… And they ask me to fool around in front of the camera and act silly. Sometimes they ask me to make specific poses.

  3. Steve

    Whoa nellie, real-time comments!

    How long did they interview you for? The article is a bit shallow, they spend only half of it talking about your studies, then it becomes a personal details thing. Sort of the celebrity-style approach.

  4. zephoria

    45 minutes… I have no idea why they chose the tone they did. ::shrug::

    As for the real-timeness, only cause i’m catching up with email. Now going to sleep.

  5. Michelle S.

    Love the photo of you – very glam I must say but in a down to earth way. Been reading your blog and must say I like what you are doing…..kudos!

  6. zephoria

    I wear hats because they’re warm and i’m always freezing. I have many different types of hats but the ones that i enjoy the most are fuzzy. I shop with my fingers.

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