200 cap on Friendster

Well, i finally hit it. A colleague of mine added me as a Friendster and i went to approve him, but i received a nice little message telling me that i have too many friends. Apparently, 200 is the cap (although i have 215). Of course, i can only assume that Jonathan is intending to block Fakester behavior through this cap, but i find it hysterical that in doing so, he’s actually blocking me, particularly since i’ve been so vigilent about only linking to people that i actually know (well, except for “Brown” who has done me well by letting me find old friends.).

As someone who has been on the darn site for ages and is constantly in communication with folks about it, it shouldn’t be surprising that i know more than 200 people on the system. I have all sorts of colleagues on there (law professors, gender theorists, social software folks, software engineers, etc.). Friends from all aspects of my life are there now. Basically, my account is a funny hodgepodge of a diverse population.

I remember a few months back when one of my friends was asked if i was a Fakester because i seemed to be such a ridiculous hub. ROFL. Perhaps by being too real, i’ve moved into the realm of absurd and thus fake?

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7 thoughts on “200 cap on Friendster

  1. Camilo

    Although it has been theorized that we interact meaningfully with 150 people, to actually go on and place a cap seems absurd: “You will know only these persons”. The previous figure is more an average, and seeing from your writings, you are more than average.
    Have you seen the resurgence of sixdegrees.com?

  2. Bruno

    I saw that “you cannot have more than 200 friends” error page one night, but it went away the next time I logged in and since then I’ve merrily continued to add friends. (Now at 347.)

    Today I discovered that most of the college/university fakesters have disappeared. Harvard, MIT, you name it; they’re gone. For some reason Brown was spared so far. Perhaps not for long…


  3. Richard "Pete" Prime

    Born in Peoria, 21. One year Bradley. Two years Ill U. V-12 Marine Purdue 2 semesters Okinawa-R&H 25 years Leather

  4. Ryan Schultz

    “…since i’ve been so vigilent about only linking to people that i actually know”

    Oh, now I know that you only link to people whom you know, so I will remove my request to you to add me to your network. (I left you a message earlier this evening via your Web page form.)

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