what an amazing weekend i had! i went to new york for the conference on vagina monologues. there were 100 women and 4 gay guys there which was great. i arrived in new york all tired and cranky, not so thrilled that i was having to be there.. but things changed.

at one point, i was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. a crazy girl came up and asked if i could share. of course. we started talking and she already knew everything about me! one thing led to another and she came with me to meet various friends downtown for some drinks. we went, had a good time, chilled out. at one point, this icky boy tried to hit on me and the girl just kissed me and got him off my back. teheh. so we bar hopped and got drunk and got to know each other really well. she is super super cool. we had a great time.

next day, organizational events actually start. craziness begins. i met some wonderful people instantaneously. talked to a gonna-be-lawyer dyke over a cigarette. she was crazy, following the system just in order to change it. tremendous.

the dykes teamed up… slowly all of the dykes were friends and we just started hanging out. at one point, eve has us all moan. that was the end.. now a lot of horny dykes.

we went to see the broadway version of the play (i cried in bosnia, of course). then we headed to the dinner with everyone and the dykes sat together getting to know one another. intense. i lusted after a girl with an amazing body.

we headed to the meow mix, a lesbian bar downtown. the girl that i thought was so unbelievable starting flirting with me. we danced and played, relaxed and drank. it was beautiful. not too long later, we were kissing and she was so amazing. i couldn’t believe it. we talked all nite, got to know each other and have a blast. it was amazing. we took a shower together and curled up in bed together. ah.. so nice.

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