a description of my halloween:

So, its me. Post halloween and (surprisingly) still alive. So last nite, all hallow’s eve.. nite of mass insanity. Well, a party was to be thrown called “stargazer” and it was going to be the party of parties. The organizers had it all planned out.. 150 tickets only, prepurchased treats (so no random putzs selling), the place was SET for the picture perfect rave. Costumes mandatory, anything goes.. bizareness. Location not disclosed, meeting points.. — basically a damn well planned rave!

So, me being me, recognizing that it would be UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE HOT inside of an indoor rave with lots of people, decided to bring out her Burning Man wear… well, sort of. So that I was not ENTIRELY naked, I went to Miko (sex shop) and bought a cute little pink thongy things. So, donned in silver powder (same stuff inside an etch-a-sketch), I had a bitty pink thing to cover my parts. I had shaved off EVERYTHING so it looked a bit surreal. Add my pink feather wig and damn, was i cute and unrecognizeable. Perfect. Thinking rave rave rave, should be fun.

So, meander, wander, end up at meeting point. Surrealness starting, people crazy. We end up at the party, it is PHAT… craziness everywhere, absolutely unbelievable.. Party party party.. people are starting to peak on various substances (I would say 10% of the people are actually sober). I am sitting with various people smoking pot in a room after ?1.5 hours? of the party. My throat starts itching so I decide to leave the room and head for the more airy part of the place. I start notice that EVERYONE is coughing and I see someone cough up blood.. My mind is really confused. I head towards an open window and, outside, there are 3 cop cars and a LOT of random people. As I am leaning outside, I notice that a guy is breaking into various cars and everything in me starts racing. (I have my car here.) Word gets out, the cops were trying to get in, the producers weren’t letting them, they peppersprayed the entire place through the one door. Everyone out now. They will be back to arrest in 20 minutes.

SHIT. Having planned to stay the entire nite, I was nowhere near capable of driving nor had any desire to do so. Generally, bad idea. Well, thank goodness for straightedged vegans. One of my housemates was dressed as Waldo and I’ll be damned, Waldo can be found when needed! So Waldo agrees to drive my car and the other straight-edged vegans split up to take care of all of the not-so-straight VERY FUCKED UP people. 150 people rush outta that place, all practically puking.

Well, this was not exactly the part of town that I wanted to be in, dressed as a silver and pink poofball, practically naked. Apparently a lot of the locals hang out in that parking lot… So, catcalls start, noises, everything. All of the women who were wearing not-a-lot were getting eyed and grabbed at. Needless to say, I am in an anxiety attack. I had just seen more cars with their windows smashed and I am FRANTIC. Waldo and 2 friends and I are rushing towards where I parked the car. People were circling around me and I was paniky. Then I saw this guy getting into a car with a club on it and the person fiddling with the club. It was a dark car and I just POUNCED on the poor guy. Me, pink and silver poofball, threw a random guy in all black up against a car very hard. Oops. Well, it wasn’t my car and I realized that after about 10 seconds and the fact that the guy had NO idea why I had pounced on him.

I apologized profusely and ducked into my car (literally next to his). Well, the black-donned individuals starting circling my car and Waldo was FLIPPING out, trying to get my club off of my wheel and being like shit shit shit… Cars coming at us, general insanity. We get outta there. Now, for those who know Providence, we are in some sketchy district of Federal Hill. Egads. So, on the way back we pass a million coppers because of where the station is. People are puking blood out of the car windows, everyone is just trying to make it up the hill safely.

I am still a naked poofball.

Everyone agrees to drop me off at my old house, a coop that is having a party, because it is a safe place for me and I am still quite naked. They drive my car back and bring me back safe clothes for later. Well, nakedness amongst random drunken guys did not suit me so I headed upstairs to the bathroom that I knew and loved and talked to myself… calming myself down and back to reality. Definitely a one-on-one scenerio.

Do-de-do, friends came back things calmed down, another party trashed by cops because there were people walking in stilts, playing drums and flutes in the streets in front of the house.. I retreated to my safe-haven of home home home.. Mind you, my room is covered in silver, I am covered in silver, mess mess mess… But SAFE, very very SAFE.

Very surreal nite. Gotta love halloween for a bit of adventure!

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