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I will be voting tomorrow morning. I realize this election is going to be absurd, but i feel as though it is my duty as a patriot to cast my ballot. I hope everyone else who has the privilege to vote in this country takes that responsibility seriously. What we do here will affect us and the world we live in for years to come. It is a pity that so few people stand up for their values and beliefs. My hope is that everyone who can will join me in voting tomorrow, in saying that our future does matter to us.

If you witness any trouble at any voter center, call 866-OUR-VOTE to report it.

I support John Kerry. (See Technorati).

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12 comments to Vote!

  • Why is it (going to be) absurd? I’m in Australia. It seems like the millions of dollars spent on the elections already makes it absurd but the actual commitment to vote isn’t absurd — from what I can tell, it’s going to be a very close election.

    …or do you mean that the vote COUNT will be absurd?

  • Better yet, if you witness trouble at your polling place, get video or photos and post to Video Vote Vigil (or email with information about location to vidvote at

  • Yeah, me too!! Everybody else in the world supports John Kerry.

    BTW, I don’t understand why the elections over US are such a mess. I mean, last sunday all brazillians went to vote and everything is really simple. You have eletronic things to vote and all you do is press a botton. So, in the day of the election you just go to your section (everybody has a title that says where you should vote andwhat is your number ) and do it. You don’t have lines, everybody vote in the same day, and when the time to vote finishes, in less than one hour we had the names of the elected.

  • Why do you say this election will absurd?

  • David Fernandes

    Well, this election is a mess because the media want it to look like a mess – bad news is a good seller. Who wants to hear “vote then wait & see. Join us for the result tonight at 9pm”?
    That would be really boring.
    Mass media prompts imitation much more than thinking, reflection or self-criticism. Hence everybody expects it to be a mess.

    It all depends on how close the result is really.

    What is really unusual this time is that there’s a “politically correct” stand to take against one of the candidates; I’m not sure that’s really “democratic” – more advertising from the wealthiest I think.

  • Actually, no, it’s a mess because no one knows what they are doing. I just voted. A lady was flipping out because she was supposed to have gotten an absentee – it never arrived. Another person didn’t understand why he wasn’t registered at this place. A poll person was trying to explain to three Spanish speaking guys that they couldn’t vote for the same person three times on the Supervisor election (where you get to vote for your top 3 choices). Another woman was arguing with a pollster, trying to understand how recounts could happen with the little stub she got (thank god she wasn’t trying to be digital).

    It’s a mess because it is not simple to vote and people care passionately this time.

  • tony

    It happened as I feared…

  • Interesting… Thanks for sharing that.

  • Interesting… that’s good info to know.

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  • I know why I keep coming back. Thanks!