Happy Birthday Internet

The Internet turns 35 today. I have the fortunate position of being the youngest speaker to present at the Birthday Party. I spoke about what it meant to grown up with the Internet being a given and what it is that youth are doing with the tool today.

It’s amazing to sit in a room full of people who completely revolutionized my life and those of my peers and of the generations to come. Being here has reminded me of how much we have taken this technology for granted. The stories have been beautiful, full of the chaotic process of creation, including crashes.

Happy birthday Internet… we’re glad you’re alive and well.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Internet

  1. tony

    35 already? has it found itself yet? When is it getting married? When are the grandkids coming?

    No, really when does it plateau? Doesn’t technology usually collapse after 40-50 yrs?

  2. Raquel

    Hi Danah! Did you receive the articles I send you?
    Happy Halloween a day late. I know this is a very special date for americans. 🙂
    Hope u’re doing well.

  3. Fernando

    Hi Danah,
    Paying attention in south east Texas near the LA state line 🙂
    This election has drained me and I feel like I have run out of gas, your post hear and on LING 290L are a source of inspiration , Love your post, please don’t stop.

  4. Shailender Sharma


    I am a goelogist and use emails extensively for my professional and research studies.

    I signed up with yahoo, hotmail etc but received more spam than junk mail.

    Finally I signed up with http://www.postmaster.co.uk last january and still to receive a spam.

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