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live on NPR

Well, i spoke live on NPR for the first time today – To The Point (KCRW). The show was called “Google Googled” and it was about privacy online. I was there to talk from youths’ point of view, to talk about why people put material about themselves online.

The thing is that i’m totally terrified of radio and talking outloud over the phone. And i find it so hard to follow what’s going on via phone. But hopefully i didn’t sound stupid. (And if i did, don’t tell me please.) Anyhow, i figured i’d tell you in case you did want to listen cause it was a very interesting show. I’m under the impression that you can get a podcast version from KCRW’s website (but i’m scared to actually listen to it).

In any case, i do think that the topic is important and there’s a real tension. Who holds the responsibilty for what is online? What laws need to be in place? How do certain actions violate our social contract and what are the consequences of this? What does it mean that engines can aggregate public material and make it more accessible? (Are there degrees of publicness?) What are the generational issues as young people want to explore their identity and thus find the publicness super helpful while older folks engage in a sort of protectionism that can border on paranoia?