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Opportunities not to miss…

Over the last six weeks, I’ve posted various opportunities for students, academics, and other scholars that I’m co-directing/hosting, many of which have deadlines looming. I want to summarize them in one post for those who either missed them or wanted some synthesis:

Microsoft Research Postdocs.

  • Who: Newly minted/about-to-be-minted PhD students working on social media topics from a social science perspective
  • Deadline: December 12, 2011
  • More Information

Special issue of JOBEM on Socially-Mediated Publicness.

  • Who: Scholars who want to publish their work on socially-mediated publicness in a fantastic journal experimenting with open-access
  • Deadline: December 12, 2011 for brief abstracts; January 6, 2012 for complete articles
  • More Information

Digital Media & Learning Summer Institute.

  • Who: Graduate students/young postdocs doing work touching on policy and innovation around digital media & learning
  • Deadline: January 9, 2012
  • Application & More Info

Microsoft Research PhD Internships.

  • Who: Current PhD students working on social media topics from a social science perspective
  • Deadline: January 10, 2012
  • More Information

Human Trafficking & Technology Research Grants.

  • Who: Scholars who can research the role of tech in different facets of human trafficking
  • Deadline: February 17, 2012
  • Request for Proposals

Please check out this opportunities and make sure that the right people you know hear about them.

Given how many amazing opportunities I had as a graduate student and young scholar, I’m really excited to be able to give back to others. Thanks to all of my collaborators and the institutions that support us in being able to create exciting spaces for scholars to flourish.

Postdoctoral Researchers, Microsoft Research

If you’re graduating with a PhD from a computer science program, applying to be a researcher or postdoc at Microsoft Research might seem obvious. But what I’ve learned is that few students in nearby departments are even aware that we hire postdocs and researchers who didn’t graduate from CS programs. We do! At Microsoft Research New England, we are especially interested in attracting postdocs from the social sciences, economics, communications, information schools, etc. This may be true in other labs as well so I wanted to post a general call for those who might not think of Microsoft Research as a place to apply.

Microsoft Research is seeking applicants for postdoctoral researchers. Microsoft Research provides a vibrant research environment with an open publications policy and with close links to top academic institutions across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Postdoc researcher positions provide an opportunity to develop your research career and to interact with some of the top minds in the research community, with the potential to have your research realized in products and services that will be used worldwide. Postdoc researchers are invited to define their own research agenda and demonstrate their ability to drive forward an effective program of research. Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. and a well-established research track record as demonstrated by journal publications and conference papers, as well as participation on program committees, editorial boards, and advisory panels.

Postdoc researchers receive a competitive salary and benefits package, and are eligible for relocation expenses. Postdoc researchers are hired for a one or two year fixed term appointment. Successful Postdoc researchers may be invited to apply for permanent positions if available towards the end of fixed term period. Postdoc positions are typically hired on the academic school calendar. For most positions, there is no deadline, but candidates are strongly encouraged to apply by December for the following fall.

Qualifications include a strong academic record in anthropology, communications, computer science, economics, information science, sociology, or related fields. Applicants must have completed the requirements for a PhD, including submission of their thesis, prior to joining Microsoft Research.

NOTE: Microsoft Research New England is especially looking for postdoc researchers working in areas related to social media and social networks, particularly from a social science perspective. Those interested in such a postdoc should be certain to apply by December 15, 2009 and indicate “Social Computing” as an area of interest and “New England, U.S.” as a desired location. Candidates involved in social media are also encouraged to indicate “danah boyd” as their Microsoft Research Contact.

Qualified candidates should submit their applications online:

Applicants are welcome to apply for positions in multiple labs. Applicants are encouraged to specify areas of research in which they are most interested and specific researchers with whom they would like to work. To explore current researchers at Microsoft Research, see: http://research.microsoft.com/apps/dp/pe/people.aspx

Current PhD students are also encouraged to explore internship opportunities. To learn more about or apply for an internship, see: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/jobs/intern/apply.aspx (Note: MSR New England only takes on advanced PhD students as interns but other labs accept junior PhD students.)