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Choosing the Right Grad School

Lately, I’ve been getting all sorts of emails from folks applying to grad school who are seeking advice. I noticed that I was starting to say the same thing over and over again so I thought maybe it’d be better off to write some of it down in a more publicly consumable way. So here goes…

Choosing the Right Grad School

If there are faculty or students out there reading this, I’d love your comments and suggestions too. I know that we all have different advice we give to potential grad students so I know that this isn’t the end-all-be-all. Please feel free to comment, send links to your own advice columns, or just tell me that I’m wrong. There are loads of potential students out there lost and confused so hopefully this’ll help in some small way.

Also, make sure that you read PhD Comics for a good laugh and Eszter Hargittai’s Ph.Do column for some sound advice on being a PhD student.

(Note: I’ve created a separate page because I plan on updating this as my thoughts on the matter change.)