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“Move Over Friendster…”

One of my favorite aspects about MySpace is how little attention it has gotten during the whole YASNS thing. It has in many ways grown organically, based on actual networks, usage and whatnot. It is far less of a fad than any of the other services because those who joined it weren’t doing so because of mainstream fad behavior.

So, waking up to the Mercury News exclaiming Move over, Friendster. There’s a hotter site on the Web made me ROFL. Hotter? To who? By what standard?

If you follow this space, you know that MySpace has had more traffic than Friendster for a long time. They have fewer accounts, more loyalty, more freedom and generally a much more youth-friendly culture. Their popularity is mostly amongst users who never got into the fad of Friendster: goth kids, indie rock kids and youth. In the last six months, most of the urban teens i talk to talk about MySpace. If you’re in college, you’re on Facebook but if you’re in high school, you’re probably on MySpace. The only reason to say “Move Over Friendster” is because Friendster never really recovered its hyped status in the States and while its popularity overseas continues to grow, the media here has declared it a fad.

I must say that it’s funny to see things circle back again and again in this space. Was this was the Boom was like?