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no conferences for me… no sxsw, no etech… wah.

No one seems to believe that I’m not going to SXSW or Etech or CHI or any other tech conference this spring. I was hoping to be far enough along in my dissertation to stop by each for a day or so, but it’s not going to happen. Trust me, I really really really wanna. But I’m really really really not going to any tech conferences this spring. That said, you should. Everyone else that I know is going and it’s giving me an achy breaky heart to think about all of the fun that I will miss while I continue to fester in my PJs writing my dissertation. Please, do go, listen to amazing talks, play werewolf, and ask the goddesses of late night partying to support me in finishing my dissertation so that I can join you in the fall.

(I will still be attending the iSchool conference because my committee will be there.)