84 thoughts on “OMG. I have my PhD! OMG!!!!!

  1. Benedikt

    Congratulations, danah! Please don’t stop feeding us new theoretical explanations and empirical observations of human behaviour in social network sites.

  2. mie

    Omedeto! Congratulations! Wow…it’s been such a pleasure seeing you though this process, and getting to learn so much from you! Yay!!

  3. Neko/ Kayt

    Congratulations dana! I really hope to be tweeting/blogging the same thing sometime over the next 16 or so months. Do you have to have a viva? Or did I miss you blogging about that? Or is that not how it works across the proverbial pond? That was less than coherent, wasn’t it, sorry,

    Kayt x

  4. Britt Watwood

    Not only are you to be congratulated (and I cannot wait to read it!) … but you are to be congratulated for sharing your journey. It is nice to welcome you into this community!

  5. Kofi Boakye

    Hey danah,
    I met you in the office this morning when you got your lollipop. I see what you mean about your name: typographically speaking, it’s beautiful. All the best!

  6. mike mccaffrey

    Long-time reader but wanted to save my first post for when you actually received your PhD. Congrats danah and thanks for the great words over the past decade.

  7. Richie de Almeida

    I remember your blog post talking about starting this sometime last year…

    Just to get you caught up on things you might have missed in the past year: the Red Sox won a second World Series, they replaced the cast on “House” with cheaper actors and there’s a Democrat in the White House again.

    Congratulations and enjoy your holiday!

  8. adrienne

    hi danah,
    you don’t know me, but i have been following your work after reading one of your articles in a class this semester. congrats! on the phd. i hope to be there in 2 more years. your work on social media is fantastic. can’t wait to read your dissertation. good luck at the new gig!

  9. Cliff Allen

    Congratulations!! You’ve worked so hard for this!

    And, thanks for taking us along on the ride with you — I think we’ve all learned a lot along the way.

  10. kethryvis

    legions of line-dancing rodents. you’ve worked very very hard and your vacation is well and hard earned. go enjoy it!

    (maybe one day i can have a similar post about my thesis…)

  11. Joe Wehr


    congratulations. have a great vacation. you’ve earned it.

    i saw you in hartford when you were on a panel with craig newmark & jimmy wales. they were great but you were better.

    looking forward to your dissertation and more from dr danah boyd

    joe wehr in ct

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