LiveJournal Academic Research Bibliography

Alice Marwick has recently put together a topical, semi-annotated bibliography of academic research on LiveJournal: LiveJournal Academic Research Bibliography. She has tried to surface all known scholarly research concerning LiveJournal. This bibliography was commissioned by LiveJournal (where I’m on the advisory board and played a role in making this happen). This is a great resource for all scholars who are interested in LJ-related issues.

(Note: this complements the bibliography I maintain of research on social network sites.)

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1 thought on “LiveJournal Academic Research Bibliography

  1. Rose

    Thanks for the links, to the above and also to the ISTTF draft lit. review. I’ve circulated the latter to my colleagues (we’re not US based but have a great interest in research on these issues), but this one is probably more relevant to My Life As An LJer. 🙂

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