Handheld Learning in London

I’m heading to London on Sunday to speak at Handheld Learning 2008 with a bunch of other cool smart thinking types. I’ve been remiss in posting this because I’ve been totally focused on my dissertation but I’m looking forward to this event and I think that some of you (especially all y’all Londoners) might enjoy it. w00t!!

Update: The video of my talk can be found here.

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5 thoughts on “Handheld Learning in London

  1. Oystein Johannessen

    …and then you are off to Oslo. We do look forward to hearing you on Thursday next week.
    Bloggonaut and Deputy Director General
    Norwegian Ministry of Ed and Research

  2. Andrew Trimble


    I was in the audience at the Hand held learning conference in London for your presentation on Tuesday. Wow, I was blown away both by your presentation style and your thoughts. Your use of large stunning quality visuals with minmal use of text to get across the message was an excellent presentation style that has made me think about how I can improve my own presentations. I was also fascinated by what you were saying as the area of e-safety is something the schools who I work with in Kingston have been thinking about for a while now. We are coming round to a more liberal view of allowing students (at least in the 11-18 age group) access to social networking sites rather than blocking them. How else can we educate them about risk taking. I was particularly taken by your notion of what some teenagers regard as public and private space which complete turns previous expections of an older generation on its head. But I can see that regarding the home as a public space (controlled by authority) and the web as private would work form some teenagers. It certainly made me think about how we approach this aspect of e-safety with our students in Kingston. Well done, keep up the good work.

  3. sally Craig

    Ditto of above as I said on the day your set gave me the awe and wonderment that I aim to experience at such a conference. There was little else that was so well presented that also had academic prowess. Professionally it opened my mind to the communication that occurs between micro friendship circles as well as across the generational divide. I went for along walk in the London sunshine to ensure all that you said was dropped into my brains relevant filing cabinets.
    My partner always told me that I should be touched that my children who are at university allow me access to their lives though facebook. I had always thought it a right, although she often told me it was close to stalking! However, I now realise how in tune we must be as a family……unless of course they have a my space as well…. I shall follow your research with great interest.I pressume you are aware of the TED website for sharing knowledge… in my opinion you would be a great asset to TED.

  4. James Clay

    Hi danah

    Really enjoyed your presentation at HHL08 and you gave some excellent answers to some difficult questions.

    Others I spoke to (and also who saw your presentation via Qik and Blip) also enjoyed it.

    You made a real impression on quite a few people that day.



  5. Greg

    I am working on a non-internet social network program that involves ad hoc mesh networks that allow kids to form there own groups and settings directly (without ISP limits). The issue of protecting children from themselves and others and COPPA type concerns abound. Your blog and research references have been most helpful and are appreciated. Thank you.
    Good Luck in finishing your Thesis!

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