medical update

First, thanks y’all for your advice and support. Today, I visited a different doctor and it was much much better. She was willing to parse out the different symptoms and offer hypotheses and ways to test these possibilities. She ordered full blood work and, with the advice of a spine/neuro brother team, a CAT scan. Plus, since we know the neck thing is an ongoing issue, she’s ordered PT to help me further stabilize my neck without creating new injuries. This is purrrfect since personal trainers, swimming, yoga, and pilates have all been abysmal failures.

There are still lots of question marks, but I’m much happier with how we’re proceeding. I feel like I’m being taken seriously and that she’s treating this like a puzzle to be solved systematically. And she’s not focusing on treating the symptoms but getting at what’s underneath them. w000t!

Anyhow, thanks for all of the love and support and hopefully I’ll know more soon.

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4 thoughts on “medical update

  1. steve

    Good luck!

    For what its worth my wife has serious neck and some related neurological problems (oddly they think they are from a neurovirus she probably picked up in the Amazon doing field work). We tried everything, but the most effective treatment was serious physical therapy. We have great respect for PTs!

  2. Eilleen

    Sometimes, I think being taken seriously is 50% of the battle to better health. All the best and wishing you much healing.

  3. Eilleen

    Sometimes, I think that being taken seriously by the medical profession is 50% of the battle towards better health. All the best and wishing you much healing.

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