Andy van Dam dancing the cha-cha

Michael Carter just sent me an email with a link to a YouTube video entitled Andy van Dam in “Dancing with the Professors.” Andy was my undergraduate advisor, my mentor, and is a dear friend. I was one of his TAs and absolutely loved seeing him do goofy things in class. That said, I’ve never seen this side of him and I’m completely beside myself in giggles.

This makes me wonder…. where are all of the other avd videos? I found one of Andy losing in ping pong. But there has to be more embarrassing footage… I mean, as a CS15 TA, we did quite a few skits involving Andy. Hell, how many times did he play Darth Vader alone? Many of these had to have been videotaped. Who has these videos? Why aren’t they on YouTube?

Calling all Brown CS alumni … please upload any embarrassing footage that you have, pretty please?

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