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A while back, Noel Burch kindly translated my 2006 AAAS talk on youth and MySpace into French for French Review Mediamorphoses (directed by Laurence Allard and Olivier Blondeau). More recently, Tilly Bayard-Richard translated my Pearson talk on information access and my Knowledge Tree article on public and private into French. In both cases, they approached me to translate these articles because they thought they should be made more widely accessible. I couldn’t be more supportive of this effort. Both acts of kindness have totally taken me aback and I’m tremendously grateful of their time and effort. I want to share these translations in case there are other French readers who might appreciate them.

From time to time, I stumble across blog posts of mine that have been translated, but I do not know of any other translations of my articles. If anyone knows of any, could you send them my way? I would like to make them available through my page of papers.

Also, if you happen to speak multiple languages and feel as though someone could benefit from a translation, please go right ahead and translate any of my articles or talks; I’ll happily post it and credit you. While some folks balk at being translated, I’m all for it if it can help others get access to ideas.

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5 thoughts on “traductions de moi

  1. Thibaut Thomas

    Danah, I translated in french some excerpts of your various works or interventions last year while I was writing my 90 pages research paper on SNS. I’ll be glad to send them to you.

  2. leblase

    I confirm that Tilly Bzyard-Richard’s translation of your articles is very accurate.
    Very good quality indeed, very pro.
    She’s also been very supportive of your work in general, in spite of my sneaky, treacherous and jesuitic commentaries I confronted her with.

  3. Jean-Luc R.

    Bravo! Les traductions en Français des travaux de Danah manquent!

    A noter que “Production d’identités dans une culture en réseau” est également en France sous le titre “Pourquoi les jeunes adorent MySpace” dans le numéro 21 de la revue Médiamorphoses (Septembre 2007, Armand Colin) : “2.0 ? Culture numérique, cultures expressives”.

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