darn thee european internet

I’m in Switzerland. The internet is atrocious and hella expensive so I won’t be online (or handling much email) this week. Bear with me.

Update: Conference center has reasonable WiFi but no power… Figures.

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9 thoughts on “darn thee european internet

  1. Bryan Price

    Been there, done that. Especially if you’re in Basel. But you’re probably in Davos. And that was last May. Beautiful country, beautiful friendly people. Most of my ‘net time was scarfed where my wife was working at. Hey, I wasn’t getting paid for being the network/system admin work I was doing anyways.

  2. Christoph Lรผscher

    Unless you just made this up in order to undisturbedly enjoy our wonderful mountainscape, I’m willing to provide free internet and electric power in exchange for a chat about social networking in Switzerland. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Pascal Rauma, Finland

    Let me ask you, since you give yourself the right to insult not only a foreign country but a whole continent: how many times have you visited Europe? Do you think this gives your the right, not only to insult but even pass judgment on the quality of the net there?
    If so, this tells enough about the relevance of your other posts.
    For your info: it shouldn’t be darn ‘European, not even Swiss nor Davos but probably’ the-place-you’re-currently-staying-in connection to the net.

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