Australian Education.AU seminar talks

Earlier this month, I had the great fortune to go to Australia as a seminar speaker for Education.AU. Everyone warned me that it was winter and would be frigid, but to my delight, the weather in Melbourne and Brisbane was not any colder than a San Francisco summer day. I didn’t get to see much of Australia (saving the ‘roos for next time), but I did have a fantastic time. The people were wonderful, the food was delicious (go Melbourne), and it was just so great to be around so many folks invested in education who were not afraid of technology.

To my delight, there are recordings of my talks available for those of you who couldn’t make it. There are lots of recordings cuz there was a LOT of me. In fact, I think I talked continuously for four days… many hours of which are on tape for your viewing/listening pleasure. The general topic was “Generation MySpace” and I was talking about social network sites, education, and learning. I did two keynotes, two sets of questions and answers, two panels, and a fireside chat (on top of lots of press and more 1-1 and small group conversations). Here are links of some of those pieces:

Keynote, Day 2, Melbourne

Keynote, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 1
Keynote, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 2
Keynote, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 3
Q&A, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 1
Q&A, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 2
Q&A, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 3
Panel, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 1
Panel, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 2
Panel, Day 1, Brisbane, Part 3
Keynote, Day 2, Melbourne, Part 1
Keynote, Day 2, Melbourne, Part 2
Panel, Day 2, Melbourne
Fireside Chat with Mark Pesce, Day 2, Melbourne

Personally, I liked my Day 2 keynote better (cuz I thought I was funnier) but your mileage may vary.

[More will come when I find all of the links.]

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7 thoughts on “Australian Education.AU seminar talks

  1. Nick Hodge


    Thanks for your time – physically getting to Australia is draining, and I’m stoked my country-mates made you welcome.

    You are right on Melbourne’s food. And recently, even its weather is good!

    a conversation with danah boyd and a (cc), un-edited version The geek stories: danah boyd.

    Also chucked out some random notes from the day in Brisbane

    You’ve also been facebooked: danah boyd in australia. the appreciation society seems weird. strange corelation to Dallas, for some reason.

    Still thinking here.


  2. Macthomson

    I have just listened to your Melbourne keynote and find myself once again struck by your alarming report of the ghettoization of American youth today. A couple of months ago I commented briefly on this when there was a post comparing the freedom teenagers enjoy in, of all places, Israel.

    How to get American teens back in to ‘public’ space, in the hope that the can later be fully empowered members of a ‘civic’ society seems to emerge as a priority question.

    I think there’s a role the media should be accepting here. In the same way that the Michael Moore and Al Gore movies used the power of cinema to address issues of current importance, I can well imagine a documentary maker creating a chilling portrait of a ‘generation behind bars’.

    Going further, the reach of LonelyGirl15 among the youth was phenomenal. A comparably structured, largely interactive project could do much to raise awareness in a way which might indeed cross the generational barriers.

    Just spontaneous reflection son your keynote, provoked in part by ma nostalgia for teenage years spent so very long ago in a very different America.

  3. dafoe

    You have such an interesting speaking voice. Its like you have the tone “this is how I think and feel about this subject”, rather than the normal/typical lecture tone “this is how it is and how its gonna be.”

  4. Helen

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