Vodafone Receiver #18

I am happy to share that the folks at Vodafone Receiver decided to mashup some of my blog entries and my AAAS talk for their Issue #18. The piece, called Socializing digitally won’t be new to many of you, but i still find it exciting to see a morphed version of my writings. What’s even cooler is that it’s published alongside some work that i think is uber cool. The other pieces in this issue are:

My apologies for everyone for the sound on my piece. This is not my fault. And i agree that it sucks that you can’t turn it off. For those with a sound aversion, here’s a PDF version of my piece

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1 thought on “Vodafone Receiver #18

  1. scottbp

    You can turn the sound off it is just a poorly designed interface… there is a hover action in the little flash movie.

    Meanwhile another enjoyable piece thanks, I might have a more meaningful comment later but just wanted to note that you could banish the noise in case people were put off

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