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I’m about to begin my crazy spring conference circuit. First up is SXSW where i’m speaking about teens at 11.30 on Saturday and interviewing Henry Jenkins at 11.30 on Monday. For those attending the conference, do *not* miss the latter. Henry’s ideas are of utmost importance to those involved in social media and i’m excited to help him share with a new audience. Following SXSW, i will be interviewing teens in Texas before heading to ICWSM to talk about social media. Immediately following that is Etech where i will be giving a fun talk entitled “Incantations for Muggles.” Humor me. I think it’s a hysterical title and it makes me giggle every time. Each of these conferences will provide a different slant on social media and i’d encourage you to attend the ones most relevant to you (aka: all).

After the tech circuit, i will be off to New York, Kansas, and Iowa for a combination of speaking gigs and interviewing teens. And then back to LA for 10 days. It’s gonna be brutal but i’m looking forward to it.

Anyhow, i’m letting you know this because my response time is probably going to go below its normal terrible time. I’m really stoked for the conferences though so i hope you’ll join me and come out and play. I apologize that i won’t schedule meetings during these events – i treat them as a mini-vacation where i release myself from schedules. Join me on that level and i promise they will be fun and goofy!

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8 thoughts on “conference circuit

  1. Bertil

    Does those conference offer on-line video of the talks? Could you ask them about it?

    —- Union delegate of the IT scholars who are not in the US. . .

  2. Ria

    Are any of those SXSW events open to the unwashed masses, or is it badges only?

    And I don’t know your position on meat, but if you’re not a vegetarian, be sure to check out Iron Works BBQ behind the convention center (Ceasar Chavez and Red River)

  3. dB

    I’m sitting in the audience right now at SXSW. Some major brainpower on this two-person panel!

    And thanks Ria for the lunch tip.

  4. Another Useless Commenter selling *s*it

    Hey I decided I’m going to stop trolling this forum. I thought it was neat that the word apophenia led me from my work to your work but in the end I doubt you’ll ever see the connection I made.

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