offline Dec 7-10

I’m going offline for a few days. I will be on vacation (or what normal people might call taking a long weekend) before appearing at Le Web 3 in Paris. I’ll be back online (but conferencing) starting Monday. See you on the other side!

PS: I’ll bring werewolf cards to Europe. If anyone calls a game, i’ll happily moderate.

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5 thoughts on “offline Dec 7-10

  1. Bertil

    Werewolf cards?
    I had to google this one… Funny you have a special deck — I used to play it a lot, but with standard cards: spades were wolfs, Jack of Hearts the little boy/girl, etc.

    Have a nice, quiet time!

  2. Bertil

    How was that Werewolf game? You seem to have dissapeared a week ago: no trace of your presentation at “Le Meltown”, no posts…

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