December social software events

Yo young researchers! UNC is hosting a Social Software Symposium December 8-9. I unfortunately cannot go to this but i would strongly strongly encourage all researchers in the field to do so. This is mostly for researcher types but industry folks are welcome with special permission. It will be absolutely fab and Fred Stutzman rocks.

That said, i will be attending Le Web 3 in Paris the following week (December 11-12) after a (desperately needed) vacation getaway. I would be ecstatic if folks would come join me in Paris for some great social software conversing right before the holidays. (I certainly plan on doing some Christmas shopping between the sessions in addition to eating some yummy yummy food.) For all of you Americans, this is a great opportunity to think about social software beyond the norms of the US and there are some great speakers from North America, Europe and Israel attending. And besides, PARIS! (Did i mention Paris???)

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12 thoughts on “December social software events

  1. JanSchmidt

    Ahh, too bad I can’t make it to Le Web 3 due to another conference at the same time.. 🙁 It would have been fun playing another round of werewolves! But enjoy the trip (and the getaway and the shopping).. 🙂

  2. Pascal

    Hello Danah

    I am a frequent reader of your blog. I will be at the Web3 conference in Paris, and I would be more than happy to talk to you about our social community project based on artificial intelligence and virtual self. Don’t hesitate to send me an email so we can chat beforehand,



  3. Bertil

    I’ll happily bump into you while you do your Xmas shopping (and will certainly yell after yet another Amercian tourist who can’t make herself understood); I’ll probably be burried below a pile of CfP by December, so I probably won’t attend LeWeb3—but I’ll try. If I manage, I’ll be the one trying to copy Fred by having the same beard.

  4. Ewan McIntosh

    Hi! Looking forward to seeing you in Paris at LeWeb3. LesBlogs 2.0 was a hoot and great for meeting some business people interested in education (especially when you’re an educationalist like me interested in business). The cross-fertilisation is priceless.

  5. lilly

    dude. when you go, please go to parc de la villette. it is seriously my favorite place in france (i studied there for a year), it is so representative of 1960s “public space” park architecture and the place is such a mind fuck. i remember seeing a really awesome LAN convention there back in 2000 that was the cutest thing…seeing french nerds is even better then american nerds!

    have lots of fun!

    kiss! kiss! (as the french do)

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